Theme: Near Miss

May’s Sunday show brought us the topic of Near Miss. We’ve all had them.
But do you dare talk about them? These five storytellers did!

Bill Cernansky: sometimes a hit *is* a miss
No matter how lucky you think you may be, you’re not as lucky as this one baby. Spoiler alert: it all turns out OK.

Callie Vanderwiele: first time flying (complete with firemen)
Listen to this and you may never fly again.

Jay Flewelling: that’s just Jay
Jay addresses smoking, “things that don’t make sense, like the Bible,” church camp, and a few too many laxatives.

Starr Ahrens: adventures in show choiring
Show choir road trip! ’nuff said.

Kelley Tyner McAllister: attempts at extroversion
How Kelley learned to talk to other people. Trust us, it almost didn’t happen.


Theme: Curveball

Kelley Tyner McAllister’s first storytelling workshop class performs!

Listen to these, and then come back to Campfire for more, with an upcoming show Sunday, May 19th (theme: Near Miss) and an all-star show on Friday, May 24th (featuring some of the most talked-about stories performed at Campfire to date). And then, be sure to come back on June 9th for the performance of the second storytelling workshop class!

Hadas Cassorla: the rules of baseball
…hear several of Hadas’s earlier stories, here.
Cate Zimmerman: back to school
Donna Paul: the queen of naiveté
…hear Donna’s earlier story, from January: Resolutions, here.
Sean Denicola: out of place
…hear Sean’s earlier story, from March: Get Lucky, here.
Kristin Rowan: the $200 house
Gigi Lascurettes: my practice baby
Al Zimmerman: who moved my dope?
…hear one of Al’s earlier stories, from February: Guarantee, here, and his first very Campfire story, here.
Kelley: flying gone wrong
…visit Kelley on soundcloud, currently being updated to include all recorded stories to date

Theme: Resolutions

Date: January 20, 2012

Theme: Resolutions




Andrew Berkowitz – Roommates




Enjoy! And join us in person for the next show with the theme of Guarantee.

February 10 at 7:50

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